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Malnutrition Injuries

Delaware Malnutrition Injury Attorneys

Nursing Home Malnutrition Injury Lawyers Delaware

Insufficient, or inadequate, food intake can lead to malnutrition. Even if enough food is taken in but the type of foods are incorrect or the diet is unbalanced malnutrition can still be the end result. Malnutrition can impact the body, its functioning and its systems very severely. An elderly person suffering from malnutrition due to neglect can suffer very severe and dire health consequences. If a loved one has become malnourished due to the negligence of a nursing home and its staff it is a wise decision to speak with a skilled Delaware Malnutrition Injury Attorney.

Contact The Bailey Law Firm if a loved one has been neglected or abused in a Delaware Nursing Home, Assisted Living Home or Convalescent Facility. Mr. Bailey can be reached at 302 658 5686. You can also email a Delaware Assisted Living Home Negligence Lawyer here. Mr. Bailey will fight to get your loved one the full, fair and just compensation they rightfully deserve.

Delaware Assisted Living Home Malnutrition Injury Causes

By virtue of the fact that someone resides in a Delaware Nursing Home or Delaware Assisted Living Home they do not have the life skills, cognitive ability or mental faculties to live independently. They need constant care, monitoring and supervision. Many times nursing homes, assisted living homes and convalescent facilities are poorly staffed. They may also have undertrained staff or poor patient monitoring practices. All of these can lead to patient neglect and a lowered standard of care which means that your loved ones may become vulnerable to many types of injuries, abuse or neglect.

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Contact The Bailey Law Firm at 302 658 5686 to discuss your Delaware Nursing Home Malnutrition claim. You can also email a Delaware Malnutrition Injury Attorney here. Mr. Bailey has several decades experience successfully handling personal injury claims, nursing home abuse claims and premises liability injury claims in Delaware. Call him today regarding getting any compensation and benefits you may be entitled to for your loved ones injuries.

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