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Hospital Negligence

Hospital Negligence Lawyer Delaware

Delaware Medical Negligence Attorneys

If you are feeling ill or have a medical emergency and need medical attention it is assumed that you will be properly treated and diagnosed. Unfortunately, there are instances when a doctor, physician assistant or nurse can overlook relevant information or fail to take action and ultimately make a mistake. This can often times result in harm to you and result in a significant complications, pain, and injury.

If you have been hurt or inured while under the care of a medical professional please call The Law Office of James Bailey in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Bailey and his staff are skilled Delaware Trial Lawyers with over 35 years experience in handling hospital and doctor malpractice claims in Delaware. Please call Mr. Bailey at 302-658-5686. Or, email Mr. Bailey by clicking here.

Common Hospital Negligence Complications


Bed Sores

Loss Of Medical Records


Food Poisoning

Lack Of Patient Supervision

Medication Errors

Wrongful Death

Wrong dose

Wrong Medicine

Types Of Hospital Negligence Injuries

While under the care of a medical professional and their staff, one can sustain a number of different types of injury. Some are minor and can be soft tissue injury such as cuts, scrapes, bruising and can be the result of the patient not being properly supervised, falling, or rolling out of bed. Some more severe injuries are nerve tissue damage, Central Nervous System injuries i.e. head, neck and spinal cord injuries. If one is the victim of a surgical error the injury may well be catastrophic in the form of paralysis, loss of use or wrongful death.

Let A Delaware Medical Malpractice Lawyer Get You The Compensation You Deserve

Wilmington, Delaware Medical Malpractice Lawyer James F. Bailey will get you the financial compensation and necessary medical benefits for your injuries. To determine the true value of your claim he will consider factors such as: lost wages, pain & suffering, diminished quality of life, loss of use, current and future medical benefits, medication costs and therapy bills.

Please call Delaware Hospital Negligence Attorney James Bailey if you have been hurt, mistreated or injured while under the care of a hospital, doctor or other medical professional. Mr. Bailey can be reached at 302-658-5686. You may also email Mr. Bailey by clicking here.