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Defective Hip Implants

Defective Hip Implant Recall Attorneys Delaware

The Bailey Law Firm is a Delaware medical malpractice, personal injury and product liability law office. Mr. bailey focuses his practice on helping those who have been injured due to the negligence of another person, product or corporate entity. One type of injury case he handles are hip implant recall cases.

If you have suffered complications due to a defective hip implant in Delaware you may be entitled to benefits and compensation. Contact The Bailey Law Firm to discuss your case at 302-658-5686. You can also click here to email Delaware Hip Implant Recall Attorney James F. Bailey. Mr. Bailey handles product liability cases on a contingency fee basis meaning that he charges nothing unless he recovers on your behalf.

Complications Of Defective Hip Implants

If you have a defective hip implant you may suffer from chronic pain, swelling and sensitivity to touch around the hips or pelvis. You may also have difficulty walking and that your hip is dislocated.

Other complications of defective hip implants are metal poisoning caused by metal debris flaking off of the hip implant. These flakes can get into the bloodstream and infect nearby tissue.

Liability In A Defective Hip Implant Case

There may be several liable parties in a defective hip implant case. Possible parties can be the surgeon, hospital, the hospitals parent company, hip implant manufacturer and their parent company. A skilled and experienced Delaware Defective Hip Implant Attorney will identify all liable parties and make them accountable legally.

Contact A Delaware Hip Implant Recall Attorney For A Free Consultation

If you feel you are experiencing complications from you hip implant surgery please do not hesitate to call The Bailey Law Firm in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Bailey can be reached at 302-658-5686. You can also click here to email Delaware Defective Hip Implant Lawyer James F. Bailey.